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The calm before the storm ! Mullion Cove. Cornwall.


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Stephen Bradbury.Artist

Autumn. Apples and Art.

Autumn is truly here!

The apples are ripening and the ground under the apple trees is littered with windfalls. We had quite a storm a few days ago and leaves, apples and branches litter the ground.  The windfalls are eaten by the birds and badgers over the Winter.
I leave them on the ground for them.

The garden dates back, hundreds of years. I planted some of the apple trees nearly 30 years ago. Others were inherited, and already established. One was planted, apparently 100 years ago, during the First World War. It still thrives today !

Anyway, working in the garden today, picking some apples and taking these pics, reminded me of a piece of artwork I did for a book cover some time ago. It's simple and effective. I like it a lot. Hope you do too !

Here's another piece of artwork that has an Autumnal feel to it. It was for a Joanna Trollope book.

I know why they call it the Fall in America. I spend hours and hours sweeping up fallen leaves !

There's a lot of trees, in the garden !