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STORMY WEATHER - Mullion. Cornwall
STEPHEN BRADBURY BLOG is hopefully back again !
SNOW has come ! Mullion Cove. Cornwall
The calm before the storm ! Mullion Cove. Cornwall.


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Stephen Bradbury Blog is back !

                            It's been a while, but, at last, the blog is useable again !

Last Autumn, my website provider, suddenly announced to me that they were having technical problems providing 
the blog page on whatever platform this website is based. It now seems to have been solved and so, here I am !

Firstly, once again, let me say thank you to all of you around the World who look at the site. I hope you enjoy it. And, I hope you will now, continue to enjoy the blog again.  As you know, my father died last August. It's been an odd , strange time, since then. Hard to explain.

Here in Cornwall, it hasn't stopped raining , all Winter !..........................that is ! ..................until today !           And hey presto, here's Mullion Cove today ! The Sun actually came out and said hello !

It's rained so much, that the land at the side of the harbour has slipped and you can't walk along the harbour wall anymore. The National Trust has fenced it off. The headland just above the harbour, in the picture above has become unstable.

My garden is a quagmire. I'm hoping to start getting back to work in it soon, when it dries out a bit. 

But Spring is coming and once again it's Daffodil picking time again. I stopped at the local shop on the way back from the cove and bought a couple of bunches.

They say, time goes faster as you get get older !

Hard to believe a year has gone since my blog last year showing the Daffodils for sale outside the local shop.

It's been a blur !

Anyway, The Lizard,  Cornwall in Winter tends to be mild, hardly gets below freezing but is wet, windy and never stops raining.  I know lots of people around the World love Cornwall and I hope to carry on, giving you some glimpses of the places and elements that make Cornwall, such a special place, in blogs to come.

For now though, take care and see you soon.