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AFTER THE STORMS. Poldhu Cove. Mullion to Gunwalloe . Sunday 5th Feb

Today has been a welcome break from the stormy weather of the last few days. It's been wonderfully sunny !. Anna Downing, from Sancreed, my spiritual mother, who  sadly died a few years back, use to call them " Given days ".

In the midst of Winter, with the storms and rain,  you'd get a beautiful, sunny ,  heart-lifting day !

If she was still with us, she'd say, " Steve, love.........just enjoy it. Enjoy the moment, bask in the sun of this 'Given day' ".

So here are some moments of my walk today from here in Mullion, Poldhu Cove to Gunwalloe , Church Cove and  Dollar Cove.

Starting from the car park by the marshy valley at Poldhu.     Poldhu Cove is owned by the National Trust. It's become very popular, and there is a beach cafe, which opens all year round.

You cross over the little road bridge then follow the  road up the right hand side of the cove, to get on to the cliff top , coast path.

On top of the headland is Poldhu Nursing Home. It used to be a hotel, and the actor, Clark Gable and other celebs  stayed there in the past.

Poldhu is quite a deep inlet and I love the way the waves go rolling past you , traveling inland. You just watch them going past you. It's quite special !

I'm following the cliff path round the headland and soon Gunwalloe Church Cove will come in sight.

And there it is !  You can just make out the little, church on the beach, on the lefthand side of the beach, nestling under the headland. I'm now going to start dropping down in to the sandy cove.

The cliffs by the side of the path are eroding badly. Since I've lived here, they've had to move the path further inland several times. Sand martins nest in the cliffs here and at Poldhu during the Summer. It's quite mesmerising watching them skim over the sand.

Dropping down , following the now, diverted path, you come to Gunwalloe.

I'm walking across the beach to the tiny church of St Winwaloe. It's right on the beach. The headland shelters it from the storms. In fact it's called the Church of the Storms. The church has appeared in many films as a location. Most recently in Poldark. It has a separate tower.

Walking past the church, my final destination, before walking back to Poldhu, will be Dollar Cove. The cove is named after the  coins that have been found on the beach from the wreck of a Portuguese treasure ship in 1526 and the wreck of a ship that went down carrying silver coins in 1783.

And here it is. Dollar Cove !

There seems to be quite a few people with metal detectors, trying their luck today ! I don't know if people still find treasure here. Mostly can and bottle tops, I would have thought !

Anyway, Dollar Cove has the most wonderful rock formations. The rocks on the beach have been weathered by the waves and form these terrific undulating patterns and the cliffs, above the beach have very distinct, tectonic layers. 

Aren't they fantastic ?

The power of the sea !

Well, that's it ! It's a really nice walk if you ever get the chance to do it.  I'm going to retrace my steps back to Poldhu.


The weather forecast tomorrow is for heavy rain, but for now it's all about enjoying this ' Given Day'.

Take care


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