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ART. Tate Modern. St Paul's Cathedral. Saatchi Gallery

Tate Modern / St Paul's Cathedral

I recently visited London, and took time out to look at the galleries and a few touristy places.

The area along the Thames from Tower Bridge, Borough Market,  Tate Modern and along SouthBank, past the London Eye, over the bridge to  Westminster and finishing at Tate Britain is a vibrant and exciting mix of old and contemporary buildings.

It was great to see visitors from all around the World, enjoying being in London, standing in front of these landmarks and having their photos taken.

What I loved about visiting Tate Modern, was seeing the huge amount of visitors, both young, and old, looking at the works of art, enjoying the experience of being in such an amazing building.

It was especially good to see the many groups of schoolchildren, and students, sitting on the gallery floors, writing and sketching the works of art and listening to the teacher's explanations about the works They really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Hopefully the seeds that are being sown about art in their young lives will make them appreciate and love art as they grow older. 

It was the same at the Saatchi gallery. Groups of schoolchildren, sitting on the floor, sketching and writing about the artworks. 

Now then ! What can you say about St Paul's Cathedral, not to mention Westminster Abbey !

I was so shocked to see the dreadful exorbitant admission charges they were demanding to visit what is meant to be God's house. Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The National Gallery, Saatchi Gallery,etc,etc, are all FREE ENTRY. 

Across the bridge opposite Tate Modern, a cathedral to art ( Free admission) , stands St Paul's, supposedly, a cathedral to God.

£19.50 to get in. £34.50 for a family. 

The only people you saw entering St Paul's were old and middle-aged people. Snakes of old people, following, strange,  'affected' tour guides, seem to be the norm. No signs of parties of young schoolchildren, sketching, sitting on the floor, and writing about their heritage, or, what should be their access to heritage. Instead, a mausoleum,a place of dead people's bones, and full of old people. No seeds of faith being sown in the lives of the young.

No sign of the 'Living God', in whom. we believe. If God were in the place, I'm afraid the young and others would not be able to find him, unless they go through the turnstile and cough up some cash. Oh yes, they have a 'get out' clause.

If you want to pray, you can creep in to a little chapel. It's not good enough ! A token gesture. God does not like token gestures ! Read your Bible, He hates it.

If you don't want the place to be a church, then de-consecrate the place and make it a museum, and all the other cathedrals. You have turned it into a 'den of thieves', just like the Temple in Jerusalem, which Jesus scourged. If people want to leave a donation, let them. Remember the Widow's mite. We can't all afford your exorbitant charges.You should be ashamed.

I had a picture of Jesus sitting on the bench outside St Paul's. As we know Jesus, didn't carry money. He was saying, how he couldn't enter the building, because he didn't have £19.50. So there outside, St Paul's and many other churches, remains Jesus.It's certainly obvious, He isn't inside !  Maybe, it's time to invite Him back in ! Just because a building looks religious, it means nothing to God. Neither do pious looking frocks, vestments, organs and choirs. Remember the Pharisees !

He could always walk across the bridge and go into Tate Modern free.

THANKFULLY, God doesn't live in buildings.

He lives in people's hearts.

It doesn't cost anything, it's FREE, we can invite Him in to our lives today.

It doesn't matter who you are. Young or Old ! There is no admission charge !

Take care, and God bless


P.S. There was no way I was going to pay to enter. Outside, the sun shone, in a beautiful blue sky, the river looked great, and I just felt a great sadness , looking at Christopher Wren's building, and the phrase 'sheep led by donkeys' came to mind

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