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Autumn walk. Godolphin

Godolphin Hill

Recently, I took an Autumnal walk from Godolphin House, which is a National Trust, historic house with a medieval 16th century garden, up through the woods and climbed to the top of Godolphin Hill.

From the top you can see some of the best views in Cornwall. Looking north you can see St Ives Bay and to the south, you can see St Michael's Mount and along to Lands End.

It's very panoramic. My photos don't do justice to the scale of the far-reaching views. You can see the shape of Cornwall. The way it sticks out into the sea, with the Atlantic to the north and Mount's Bay and the English Channel to the south. 

Anyway, coming back down it was lovely to see the autumnal colours of the bracken. It goes a lovely brown colour. There was also some gorse still flowering.

Also, on the way down, there was this wonderful avenue of trees , to walk through before reaching Godolphin House again.

The walk reminded me of a book cover I did a long time ago. The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett.

There is bracken in the foreground, and those same, distinctive browns. Every cover in the book series had a hidden chess piece . This one has the chess piece hidden in the bracken. Obviously a king in this one ! The book cover is quite apt for a medieval place like Godolphin !

Anyway, here it is !

The first book in the series had an egret in the foreground. I might be showing it soon in another blog, due to the visitor which is causing chaos to my pond, especially, the fish !

It's not an egret, but a close bigger cousin. Absolute nuisance !

Take care


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