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Just thought I'd give a quick mention and show some pictures of the Bluebell festival at Godolphin. I know lots of you around the World follow the blog because of the Cornwall aspects and elements. Also, if any of you get a chance to go and see the bluebells at Godolphin, you won't be disappointed. The intense blue and scale of the amount of bluebells within the woods at Godolphin is astounding.......and very hard to capture on photos !

Every year I go to look at them and every year I come away pleased . The other place to visit,which really is spectacular for bluebells is Enys at Penryn. You look across a massive sea of blue to the far horizon. Millions of bluebells !

The Godolphin House and estate began life in Medieval times and the Medieval garden can still be seen. In later years the Godolphin family made their wealth from tin mining. Evidence of this can be seen if you walk up to Godolphin Hill. Work is currently being done to restore the gardens. You can visit the gardener's potting shed for more info.

Here are some pics of Godolphin House.

Do go and visit the bluebells at Godolphin. You won't be disappointed.

Finally, here's a glimpse of Enys at Penryn, near Falmouth , Cornwall. It's pretty spectacular !

Hope you are enjoying Spring, wherever you are in the World.

Take care


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