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First daffodil !

    First daffodil

                                                Yep, I know it's just one daffodil !

But, it's a sign of many more to come, in the garden.  The large drifts won't start for a while yet. There's been a cold,  chilly wind from the east today.. It's been cloudy all day.  This photo was taken yesterday, when the sun shone all day. The weather on the Lizard Peninsula changes from day to day, sometimes from hour to hour. You can stand on the cliffs in beautiful sunshine, watching the rain falling a few miles away up the coast. We can have sunshine all day, but ten miles away, Helston and other places inland have rain !

As I said in my recent blog, they are picking the daffodil crop in nearby Cury.  The garden centre at Trevenna Cross, in Breage has just started selling Summer bulbs. I've bought some Pineapple lily bulbs, Turban lilies, Dahlia tubers and Ginger plant rhizomes to put out in late Spring.

Seems a way off yet , but they sell out quite fast.

Anyway, here's a picture of my lonely daffodil, in situ.  Next to the old bench, by the pond.

Spring is coming !

Take care


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