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FROST ! - Wintry Sun. Mullion . Cornwall . 23rd January

A  wintry sun

                                                        It finally came...................frost !

In fact it's come a couple of times, recently.  In my blog about orange trees recently, I said we still have to get through January and February, hopefully without it getting too cold for my sub-tropical plants.  As a precaution , I recently put fleece around the bananas and succulent plants etc. Good job I did !  The frost doesn't last long and it still hasn't got cold enough to freeze over the ponds, but it's best to be safe, than sorry..

The picture above was taken early this morning from the garden, looking back towards the house. The sun looks quite wintry. It's still giving enough warmth to make the frost disappear though,  as soon as it touches it.

We certainly haven't had any snow yet ! 

The sun in the picture above  is piercing the undergrowth at the base of the white cherry tree, illuminating the Phormiums/ flax plants and Hart's tongue ferns. Quite atmospheric and magical. Within minutes, the sun rose, the frost disappeared and it's been a really nice cool, but sunny day.

Here are some pics of Mullion Cove and Polurrian cliffs taken about 4 o'clock this afternoon, once again highlighting that wintry sun.

Looking away from the sun, towards Polurrian cliffs, it was good to see a much more spring-like scene.............the gorse is flowering. Spring isn't too far away !

Here's a letterhead design I did a few years ago.The light and weather today reminded me of it.

Take care. Keep warm !


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