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GORSE at Predannack Cliffs. NOT SUCH A STILL LIFE ! Painting.


Today, I did the fairly short , circular walk from the National Trust car park, by Windyridge Farm, at Predannack, down the narrow green lane to the coast path, followed it along the cliffs to Ogo Dour Cove. But before crossing the stream at the bottom and climbing the path back up  to the top and taking the path inland again towards the car park at Predannack Wollas, I stopped along the way, to look at the view, but also to look at the amazingly, vibrant gorse.

The flowers on the gorse, this year are vivid yellow. 


It's such a unique colour, and is part of the Cornish black and gold, emblem.

Predannack is a couple of miles along the coast from Mullion, heading south, towards the Lizard.  Rare plants grow within the rocky outcrops. The rocks are covered in lichen. The same colour as the gorse !

Some of the wonderful, rare plants and lichen to be found at Ogo Dour.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might spot Choughs , flying around the cliffs or feeding on the cliffs. 

The cliffs are grazed by Dexter cattle and Shetland ponies, to help the unique fauna that grows here, survive and encourage the Choughs to feed on the short, grazed grass.

Anyway, taking the path inland, I'm heading back to the car park.

Looking back, you can see the path I came  down the cliffs on. On the other side of Predannack.

Along the path as it goes inland, the hedgerows are full of Black Thorn, flowering at the moment.

Well, as usual, I try to include a painting that has something to do with the subject or place that I'm writing about. And here is today's !


It's called ,  NOT SUCH A STILL LIFE !   It has the cliffs and landscape of Predannack in the background, and the colours of the gorse in the foreground. 

Here's a description of the meaning of the painting.

Facet 4  -  Not such a still life

Imagine two people standing on top of a 300ft high cliff looking along the coastline with the turbulent sea crashing against the rocks below them.

The first person standing there looking at the scene, who internally is together, controlled and serene and at peace with themselves and life finds the external violent action of the waves and wildness of nature in the scene that they are witnessing very disturbing and is fearful and beginning to freak out.

The other person next to them is completely the opposite. They have a mind full of the troubles of life, full of anguish and with no peace of mind whatsoever. Yet they look at the scene below of nature's power and beauty and think, 'How wonderful', and for that short moment in time they are surrounded by the sense of place and magnificence of the power of nature and forget the shit (pardon my use of English, I seriously can't think of a better word that sums up the crap (oops) people sometimes have to face)  within them.

Predannack is a wonderful, special place to visit. It's off the tourist track. It's only a couple of miles from Mullion via walking or car. The Serpentine cliffs are spectacular ! In late Spring the cliffs are covered in blue, Squill. You might if you are lucky, even spot a Seal or Basking Shark ! Well worth a visit.

Take care


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