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After a period of reflection, exhaustion, disappointment,  and a self-imposed holiday from being super-creative, it's time for me to start producing art again. Sometimes we need to take a step back, look at what we've done , achieved, not achieved,  even, totally failed at and regroup, seek a new direction, a new start. Sometimes, new technologies give us a chance to try something new ! And this year, I'll be trying some out !

As you become old, you have to make a conscious decision as to how you use the time you have left. Ask yourself, whether there are some ideas or projects that need re-visiting, finishing, or maybe, started, at last. When you are young, you have such energy and ambitions, the older you get, you have to make more of an effort and pace yourself. It's a fact !

I've literally spent the last few years on a gardening break. Virtually, everyday, out there with my Border Collie dog, Rose,  creating a place to walk, relax and escape to. With 1 acre of garden to manage and create, I've  directed my artistic talents towards it ! But , in many ways, it's been a very selfish concept, an excuse to not do what I should be doing. A complete distraction ! Art should be sent out in to the World and shared. Art, painting, music, etc , whether it's good or bad, seen by a few people or many, needs to be out there, and if it only inspires just one person on this planet, then , it has been well worth it.   

Today is my birthday. I have had a lot of thoughts going through my head today about what to try and achieve before the next one ! So the first step, I decided was to start the blog again. And here we are. Nice to be back.

I went down to the Lizard Point, near where I live. On this special day, I decided to go to where I scattered the ashes of both of my parents, Bill and Doreen, and pay my respects.

It was very foggy and thick sea mist. Couldn't see a thing. The Lizard Lighthouse fog horn was blasting away.

However, it may be Winter, but here in Cornwall, the first signs of new life and Spring are starting to emerge.

These flowers were in the hedge on

the way down to the Lizard Point


It's been really wet and stormy 

weather, here in Cornwall, this 

Winter, but the temperatures are 

mainly, quite mild.


Daffodils are being picked in the fields


These are the first that I've seen for 

sale. A fantastic bargain, for 60p

They'll be appearing in shops and supermarkets around the country soon.


I bought some, placed them in a jar. A sign of the Spring to come. A reminder to myself that new life can be found, even 

  in the times that our lives can sometimes seem to be surrounded by a deep, dark,  thickening fog.


Take care


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