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Julian May

Julian May

Just been updating my biography page. It seems logical to include pictures of the most important illustrations, paintings and key events in my life as an artist . A picture of me at the top at Gunwalloe beach in Cornwall just didn't seem enough. So I hope you like the new layout. I must admit that whilst I was photographing my back catalogue of book jackets etc, I got quite a buzz. I hadn't looked at them for quite a while. 

Artists like musicians move on, otherwise you just go round the country playing your old, greatest hits. I paint so differently now, but when called upon I turn on the old style, get the airbrush out and abracadabra ! It's still there!

I have to admit, I've been sitting around recently wondering what direction to go in. I'm looking around for venues to have exhibitions. Neal Morse's new album is called Momentum. There are times as an artist that you could do with some. When I produced the book covers featured here, it was so exciting. A dream come true. The Julian May books sold millions and I was so thrilled to have my name on the back covers.

I've just spent weeks photographing my back catalogue of book covers, cropping and filing the pictures on my Mac. The results will start to filter on to my website over the next few months. 

For the many Julian May fans out there, there will be a dedicated page on my website, where hopefully I'll give some background info and show some unpublished gems.

I know I don't blog much. Usually I have to have a bee in my bonnet about something.

I try to tweek the website fairly regularly and refine it more and more to make it interesting for everyone. And as always a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my website.

I hope you like the new biography page

Take care


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