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Mullion Cove. Cornwall - today. 13th January

                                                           MULLION COVE.  CORNWALL  -  Today

                                                                             Friday 13th January

Thought I'd share with you, a walk I took today, back from Mullion Cove, here on the Lizard Peninsula, along the cliffs, on my way home.

We seem to have escaped the storms and snow etc that are affecting a lot of Britain at the moment. Although, I have to say, it was really windy on the cliffs. Trying to hold the camera still was pretty hard. I thought there might be more shake apparent in the images !

Anyway, I started off from Mullion Harbour, and climbed up the path and steps to the top of the cliffs.

It's quite a steep climb, but quite rewarding looking back down on the cove and harbour. Giant rocks rise from the sea

and outside the cove lies Mullion Island. The island is home to lots of seabirds.

The cove and harbour are owned by the National Trust. In Winter, the waves crash over the harbour walls and during the 30 years, I've lived here, the harbour walls have been really damaged by the waves quite a few times. The poor old National Trust , has  to then laboriously rebuild them.

Climbing the path and the steps, you come to Mullion Cove Hotel. It was pretty windy at the top ! The next picture is taken from the top looking west, along the coast to Porthleven, Marazion, St Michael's Mount, Penzance and Lands End.

Considering what awful weather, the rest of Britain is having today, it's been a bright sunny day here !

Looking back towards Mullion Cove, you can see Mullion Island and the headland.

Walking along the path, away from Mullion Cove, I now come to Polurrian Cliffs, and a rock formation called the Love Rocks.

Looking out to sea, there was an amazing blue, sky and cloud formation.

I'm now, just about coming to Polurrian Cove, where I turn inland back to the village. If I carry on walking along the coast path, it would take me down into, sandy,  Polurrian Cove, and then on to Poldhu Cove. Mullion has 3 distinctive coves. But today, I am turning back inland to the village.

Immediately, in front, is Polurrian Cove, and behind, where the white building is, on the headland, is Poldhu Cove.

So now, I've left the cliffs and am walking back home, through the village, and outside one of the local shops, I came across these for sale. Freshly picked, from fields , a couple of miles away in Cury. Freshly picked daffodils ! Cornwall is famous for daffodils. They can grow them early here, before the rest of the country, because of the climate.

What a wonderful sign in January, that Spring isn't too far away ! And £1 for a bunch, what a bargain !

Hope you enjoyed the walk

                                                                          Take care


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