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STORMS - Mullion. Thursday . 2nd February

Thought I'd just quickly share with you, what's been happening today.  These photos were taken about 4 o'clock this afternoon.

The wind has been blowing a complete hoolie today. I had to hold on to a bench at the top of the cliffs to stop myself from literally blowing over !  Dramatic , though, isn't it !

I believe the road along the seafront in Penzance was closed off today because of the waves and the trains couldn't get past Dawlish.  I can still hear the wind outside the house, as I'm writing this. When I first moved to the Lizard 30 years ago, the Elm trees had all died from Dutch Elm disease. So there was nothing, anywhere to break the fierce winds. You would lie awake at night, listening to the wind blowing towards you across the peninsula. Worrying if the thatch was going to blow off the roof !

I remember when the children were young , they kept rabbits in the old sheds in the garden. I went down one night to feed them and close the shed doors. I was in the shed with my Border Collie dog, Harry, and we heard a noise coming towards us. Harry the dog looked at me and I looked at him. the noise got louder and louder. It was like the noise of a jet aeroplane. Suddenly the building was  blasted, and shook,  the door blew inwards off it's hinges and we were covered in debris and rain. It was gobsmackingly scary ! 

Other trees have grown up to replace the Elms and there is more windbreak now. Living at the end of Britain, sticking out in to the sea, you have to expect this sort of weather. And today, it came.

Take care


Here are a few more pics.

Here's another photo I took. It shows the power of the wind. The waterfall falling off the top of the cliffs at Mullion Cove is being blown upwards,  back over the top of the cliff edge, making a plume of spray.

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