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The calm before the storm ! Mullion Cove. Cornwall.

Looks can be deceptive !

This was Mullion Cove today, about 10 o'clock, this morning. A bitterly cold morning. So far, we've escaped cold weather and snow, this Winter and as I said before in my last blog, it's just been mild, and rained and rained and rained !

However, the temperatures went below zero today. My pond froze for the first time and the forecast doesn't look good for tomorrow and Thursday. They've gritted the roads. I've got fleece around my sub-tropical plants. Snow may be coming !

Looking at these photos of the cliffs at Mullion today, the Sun is shining, not a cloud in sight and it looks glorious. 

The rest of the U.K. is covered in snow and there's chaos with dreadful, disruption to road and rail travel. But it looks like we are in for it too ! The forecast isn't good.

The sea looks so still. Not a wave to be seen ! The hill in the distance that looks like a mini volcano is Tregonning Hill.

If you climb to the top of it you can see right around Cornwall.

It's now nighttime and I've just checked , and outside, at the moment it's 27 F.  It's gone below freezing, but hopefully won't stay as low as that too long, The Echiums and other tender plants in the garden will be hit hard and killed if it lasts too long. The weather forecast for the end of the week here, is a return to mild wet weather.

Anyway, if it snows, I'll take some photos and post them on the blog !

For now, keep warm and take care


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