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WHITE CHERRY TREE. Mullion. Cornwall

It's been a little while since I last blogged. I do apologise. I've not been very well. Anyway, here's a little update ! A subject that uplifts and heralds the arrival of Spring !

I planted this White Cherry tree about 25 years ago. It was a tiny sapling, now it's a huge tree, that when in full blossom can be seen across the fields and valley. A real landmark ! In fact, in full blossom, I reckon it can be seen from space !

The International Space Station often goes across the sky. I use to get emails from NASA telling me what time to see it. Literally to the minute, the space station would glide across the sky,  above my head, glowing eerily, moving silently from the West to the East.

And I bet the astronauts were excitedly, peering down, seeing this great white object from space ! Yep ! my wonderful White Cherry tree in full blossom !

I was talking to my neighbour across the road about how people like us plant little saplings, not realising that if you live there long enough, they become huge, hulking trees !

The conversation came about after my other neighbour (next door) , who has a Scot's Pine tree in their front garden, decided ( cheaply ) to get a local, idiot with a chainsaw in ! So the local,hillbilly,turned up, equipped with just a ladder and chainsaw and started lopping branches. Not content with this ! He then decided to chainsaw through our telephone cable too !

I can't tell you, the ensuing chaos that caused ! The idiot !  No telephone, no internet and no T.V !  British Telecom , a few days later sent out two blokes and a cherry picker to put a new cable up ! They just shook their heads, rolled their eyes, telling me it happens all the time. They said he was lucky ! The cable he missed had 13000 volts going through it ! My next door neighbour, they said, looked sheepish and  is due a hefty bill !

Anyway, no fear of chainsawing my White Cherry ! The birds love it and when the blossom falls, it's like snow !

The wonderful blossom , set against a clear blue sky !

AS USUAL, i try to include a piece of my artwork.

And here we are ! It's literally a painting of some twigs with blossom taken from this tree and placed in a vase on the windowsill, sketched  and painted. A moment in time !  A lovely momento of Spring !

Oil on canvas.

Spring in Cornwall is a great time to visit.

However, wherever you are in the World

Take care


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