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Welcome to the Official STEPHEN BRADBURY website.

A selection of contemporary artworks painted, drawn and created by me in recent years are here for you to look at, hopefully, enjoy and find thought-provoking. There's also a selection of works from my career as an illustrator within the site.

Quite a few of the paintings shown here, within the site formed part of The Facets Series. They are meant to be seen as a whole, as an exhibition, and as a book. However, as individual paintings, each canvas has a separate identity. Each one, iconic, and hopefully memorable. I've spent quite a few years of my life, away from the limelight and in splendid isolation, painting them. It seemed that, as the series progressed the paintings got bigger and the subject matter got bigger.

So, once again, a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting the Official STEPHEN BRADBURY website.


In 1996 Paper Tiger books produced a book about the life and work of the artist, Reflections - The Art of Stephen Bradbury.


As a stepping stone, he decided to do a degree in The History of Modern Art at Falmouth College of Art. Having been a lecturer at this college, it was strange experience to go back as a student. Immersing himself full time in the subject for three years expanded the knowledge he already had for the subject, but also gave him the freedom to expand his own art.

Many examples can be found within the site.

A selection of paintings from the VOIDS Series are also included within the site.

Most of the recent stuff is painted in oils on canvas.

Illustration work is painted in gouache.

I live in Cornwall, and the cliffs , sea and landscape, especially of the Lizard Peninsula make an appearance in a lot of paintings.

As I said, there are also some more recent examples of my work from the VOIDS project shown on the site too.

There's also a two new series of paintings I'm working on at the moment. One is called the COLOUR Series.

Literally a celebration of life and colour ! The painting, shown at the top of the page, Chinese Lanterns, is an example from the series. 

The COLOUR Series is definitely a counter balance to the VOIDS project, which is a bit dark and broody.

The other is called From a Cornish Garden. Literally painting stuff from my garden !

Some earlier stuff is now available to see, on this site, from my past life as an artist and illustrator. See the list of pages on the lefthand side. It's getting a bit eclectic ! There's some serious illustration and design work. Drawings and sketches.


And.................... some stuff, which, dare I say, is not so serious, just good fun, for you to enjoy.

I resisted the urge to create a website, until I felt the time was right, and indeed, until the FACETS series was finished. I would like to thank everyone out there for their continuing interest in my work, and am truly amazed and flattered at the large amount of my paintings that people have been using on their art sites and sharing with each other on social sites.

The FACETS series is a serious painting project. The paintings were not commissioned, like most of my paintings in the past. The FACETS series is my personal quest to find a new, personal and rewarding direction. I'm sure there are going to be mixed reactions to it, love, hate or lukewarm, and my work in the past has had its supporters and detractors. I can honestly say, I painted the canvases for myself, and now, like a child full-grown, they've been kicked out into the World.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site, and like the mixture of new,FINE ART and,previous ILLUSTRATION and DESIGN work

The STEPHEN BRADBURY website is not meant to be static. Like a piece of art, it is meant to be built up layer upon layer, and as time progresses I will keep you informed and aware of the new art I am producing and any news. I suppose, because of my background in publishing, I also like the idea of as many people as possible having access to my art in some way or another, and this is why I've had the Facets book produced, and put the images in print form for people to buy on this website and enjoy.

Also, included on the site is THE GARDEN SERIES. A collection of paintings, taking a quirky look at life !

Art should be enjoyed, and at the same time it should be challenging. It should touch the heart or the conscience of the person looking at it. It should never remain neutral, but draw out from the observer, a reaction to it. Modern art has, in general, often caused some sort of reaction to it. My paintings are very accessible, but deeply layered, and the more people have looked at them, the more they have seen. The shapes and layers within the paintings form a language that I have created, and over time, hopefully, people will, as they look at them, interpret them for themselves.

​​I've recently started exhibiting my artwork. It's a new experience for me and seeing the canvases , which are fairly big , hung in different environments is wonderful and rewarding. Also, the positive comments from people is great.

I have a Degree in The History of Modern Art. Looking at the lives, struggles and motivations of other artists is both interesting, and spurs us on , in our own endeavours. Some of the artists I truly admire can be found on the -

More about me - Art page

I'm deeply conscious of the problems and circumstances we all face in life. Although I've used the female form in my paintings, a lot of the problems in life are shared by men and women alike. Middle age, and what it brings, affects us all. It's not all doom and gloom though, and my paintings are equally a celebration of life ! Paintings, like most good artists have mood swings. Ask my family ! We can listen to a piece of music and it can touch our soul, lift our spirit and help us for a moment escape reality. I hope my art has the same effect. I, personally, listen to music all the time I paint, and I can tell you, that means hours and hours. Painting is therapeutic, you lose yourself in it. It's also a drug, and one which I've been involved in for many years, and can't live without.

Paper Tiger Publishers published a book about me called REFLECTIONS.

It focused on the work I was doing as an illustrator and featured many book cover illustrations.


There's quite a mixture of styles and subject matter to be seen within the site. Some serious, some not so serious.


I try to resist explaining all my paintings because I think they should be left to people's own interpretations Sometimes the viewer sees things in them that I haven't seen. I know what they all mean, but it's going to be interesting to see what you all think they mean. There are some however, that I have explained on this site and in the Facets book. 

Also, over time, more and more of the VOIDS and other new series of paintings will be featured on the website.

Pages showing my work as an artist and illustrator are being added too.

Also, over time, more and more of the VOIDS and other new series of paintings will be featured on the website.

You can look at my studio and see drawings and preliminary sketches etc within special feature pages.

There's certainly a lot to trawl through !

Hopefully through the various pages, you will find something to enjoy looking at.

Hopefully there's something of interest for everybody !

For paintings to buy, either enquire here, using the contact page or go to ( click here )Saatchi Online

To read more about my life and career Click here for Stephen Bradbury BIOGRAPHY page

There's also a more personal account of my life for you to read Click here for CHRISTIAN ART 

res ipsa liquitor

solus Christus

God bless

Thank you for viewing my website...... I hope you enjoyed it.

Stephen Bradbury

Hopefully through the various pages, you will find something to enjoy looking at.

Not quite selfies, but close !

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