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Oil on canvas      (  36ins x 28ins / 92cm x 71cm )                                                                               Chinese Lanterns


These new paintings are literally a celebration of colour and life !


It's also a way of keeping me sane and an antidote to the paintings I've been involved with in the VOIDS Series.

I'm enjoying painting them. It's early days in the series and so far I like the fresh contemporary feel they have.

I finished the first one, it was a bit of an experiment called Love is a Rose, and my daughter Rachael who was staying here for a few days, saw it and promptly legged it back to Suffolk with it. A good sign, I thought !

The one above is called Chinese Lanterns . To me, there is a definite progression from the first one shown below.

The two square pictures above Joy of Spring and Yellow Dancers are quite small . I love the electric colours in them. There's quite a few in the pipeline, they are just, experiments with colour and a joy to paint !

The series will evolve into something else as it progresses. That is the nature of Art . Some more will be posted soon.

Oil on canvas     ( 30ins x 20ins / 76cm x 51cm )                                                                                Love is a Rose

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