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Life Drawing / Drawing

I use the human figure increasingly in my work. Drawing from life, is a discipline I encourage all artist's to pursue. I know that, at least once a week, I have to leave my studio and desk,set a certain time apart, and go and life drawing. 

I've used several models in my paintings and work, For my paintings I sketch thumbnail size, drawings, as you can see, in the photos, above.

I like using a soft pencil, maybe 5B. I always use Moleskine sketchbooks. I love the colour of the paper. The sketchbooks, become a weekly diary of the Life Drawing sessions,and a valuable reference source for the paintings. 

Here's some pears, I couldn't resist drawing, before eating them.

The effect you can get with pencils is great, and much more immediate than painting. Drawing/sketching, is a discipline sadly neglected by many artists. Having to observe, keenly, the object, or model before you, and make an instant decision

before making a mark on the paper is truly taxing, but, well worth it.

Even more daunting, is looking in a mirror and drawing yourself !

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