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Lots of people have been waiting for me to relent and put my illustration work on the site. I'm very grateful for the ongoing interest in my sci-fi and fantasy illustrations and would like to thank all the fantastic fans and art sites out there, who have kept the flame alive. I'm absolutely amazed. Thank you.

There's so much, but here are some of my favourites for you to look at, The Horselord (below) is definitely one !

There;s so many images to choose from, and I'm deliberately being a bit slow at designing the page. As I said, I have my favourites The Revenants (below) and The Mists of Avalon are two of them.

Over 150 images of my work appear in REFLECTIONS, published by Paper Tiger.

You can probably track down a copy at

Amazon .

Click here. Relections - The Art of Stephen Bradbury, at Amazon.

It shows a good range of my illustrations used on Fantasy and Sc-Fi books and projects.

There's a beautiful irony in Paper Tiger asking me if they could produce a book of my work, in that, they were the very first people to reject me as an artist.

They were the first publisher I approached as a hopeful, naive, 'in your dreams', 'would be', illustrator. After looking at my portfolio and kindly buying me lunch and letting me down as gently as possible, I was rejected and sent away.

You know what's coming next !

Years later, after I became a successful illustrator, they approached me ! Beautiful, beautiful, irony.

The Lord works in mysterious ways !

A personal ambition and boyhood dream fulfilled !

THERE WILL BE MORE........SOON !                If I can get my head around it !

I still get a thrill from seeing the Julian May covers. They helped me get a name for myself as an illustrator and were very successful.

I'll probably do a separate Julian May page at some point.

Another of my all-time favourites is The Way of Wyrd (below). It was painted about the same time as The Horselord


Alan Dean Foster

Cheers and best wishes to you all. Hope you enjoyed the selection. More to come !


Found this film on You Tube. Someone (Philmology) has taken a lot of time and effort to produce it. It's a bit rough,the colour's bad and it looks like they've cut up a copy of Reflections to do it. The music's good though. It was taken off You Tube because of copyright problems with the Pink Floyd music a few years ago. Anyway, it seems to have come back and here it is . If there's a problem, I'll take it off my site too.

Philmology - Reflections

Artwork by Stephen Bradbury, with Music by Pink Floyd

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