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Facet 10 - Blue Alone

It was round about the time I painted this painting that I realised that I could reduce the landscape element in the composition and express my thoughts and observations in abstract forms.

Facet 10 - Blue alone

Oil on canvas

48ins x 30ins / 122cm x 76cm

Facet 9 - Blue

This is probably one of the most important paintings of my career. For me, it was an amazing turning point. It was the first painting in the Facets project that I introduced the female form and the first painting in which I changed the emphasis away from landscape to a more abstract signifier of my inner thoughts. I'm also really pleased with the colour combination of blue and orange.

Facet 9 - Blue

Oil on canvas

48ins x 30ins / 122cm x 76cm 

Facet 24 - Edge of Fire

There is an unseen world around us. If we look carefully, we see past reality, and get a glimpse of the spiritual battle that is being fought.

Facet 14 - A different colour

Facet 18 - The Angel of Bochim

The Angel came down from God to a place called Bochim to tell the nation of Israel that because they hadn't been obedient and faithful to the commands that God had given them about driving out the heathen nations and clearing out all the idolatry in the Promised land , he was going to abandon them and let the nations surrounding them invade them and punish them. That concept worries me. We are given directions and promises. I have, and I know I've failed God in my life, lots of times. But the great thing is, here,now, today, we have access to forgiveness for our stupid failures and disobedience. Through Jesus. Peter denied Christ three times ! But Jesus forgave him and he was used powerfully in the early church.

By truly admitting our failures to God, then, every time we fail Him or do something wrong, His endless love for us makes Him pick us up, forgive us and put us back on track. We don't deserve it, but our God is full of Grace and Mercy and Love for us.

Facet 18 - The Angel of Bochim (detail)

            Red Moon

                                                                                                 Facet 18 - The Angel of Bochim (detail)

Mother and Child 2

Mother and Child 3

Facet 30 - Floating circles fade to Blue

Facet 11 - This Separate Life

Facet 21 - Orbital

Facet 28 - The Lightness of Shapes

Why the bleeding orange ?

Facet 10 - Blue Alone ( Detail )

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