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Facet 1   -   Orange

This was the first painting in the Facets project. I literally looked around at objects within view, in the studio and the landscape outside. The infamous orange makes its first appearance too. My brother on seeing these paintings a few years later would utter his famous statement "Why the bleeding orange"? I eventually painted a small painting ( see Facets Gallery page) to get it out of my system. The orange has significance, but I'll keep it to myself. It makes a great title though for a chapter in the Facets book. I look at this painting and see something, absolutely central in it. In my life I've sometimes strayed from it, but always returned, like the prodigal son to it - and the older I get, and realise the mistakes I've made, and see people I've known become ill and die, I realise that Faith, and getting right with God is all important. When I was younger, I had an implicit faith in God. Over the years that belief was always there, but, life, my own self-destructiveness, classic back-sliding, knowing, the life God wanted you to lead, but doing the reverse, has been my problem. However, in the last year or so, I've realised that I want to spend the rest of my life getting closer to God. People, who knew me in the past might scoff. It's inevitable, over the years that you upset people and sometimes make enemies. But, I believe, God forgives, and gives those who turn to him, a second chance. Like the prodigal son, when He sees us coming,He comes out to meet us halfway. I hope that people who look at my paintings, even if they hate the God bit, will respect my belief and feelings, but still get something out of the composition and work that's gone into creating these images.  

Facet 1  -  Orange

Oil on canvas

36ins x 24ins / 91cm x 61cm

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