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I spend many, many hours in the studio. It can only be described as, organised chaos ! I'm always fascinated by other artist's studios. How they use their space and their work practises. For many years I painted mainly in gouache and space wasn't a problem. These days I paint in oils on canvas. As the latest project has progressed, the paintings have got bigger. For someone like me who doesn't use an easel, but prefers to paint on the flat, this can be a problem in a limited space. Ask any painter, they'll tell you, there is never enough space to work in. I love sketching, especially life drawing, and sketchbooks can be used almost like diaries. I love Moleskine sketchbooks, the creamy coloured paper gives the sketches an aged feel. Objects I've collected over the years have appeared in quite a few of my paintings. I think my cat, May, might be offended to be called a studio object. She keeps me company during the long, lonely hours of painting, as does music

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