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Guide to the Stephen Bradbury.Artist website

There were various considerations, going through my head

whilst building this site. Firstly, so many artist's sites fail to engage the viewer, or include them in the experience. So, paramount in my thought processes and putting together these pages was the desire to make sure that anyone visiting this website would enjoy the site, enjoy looking at the work, be informed and maybe, hopefully, challenged by it, relate to it, and get to know more about the artist himself, his life, history, motivations, and what, basically makes him tick.

After spending the last five years or so 'in 

splendid isolation' painting the canvases for the Facets project, not to mention the time, writing, designing, and putting the book together, this website is the final piece of the jigsaw, and an important one. Never, having built a website before, it's been a learning curve, and no doubt as time goes by, I'll refine and improve it. 



After the  Home - Stephen Bradbury Artist page, and Biography page, I've put the Facets Gallery page.

On this page, the paintings can be enlarged, by 

clicking, and looked at. However, I thought people might

like to see some of the paintings separately, with an 

 explanation to them. So on the PAINTINGS 1 - 6 pages that follow, you can see larger images of the paintings.

You'll also, find Painting pages showing several significant paintings further into the site.In these pages, I give a pointer to the paintings meaning, and some explanation, but refuse to give a total explanation. I believe the viewer should be allowed to look at the work and find their own interpretation as well.

There's a new page, A WORK IN PROGRESS, showing a day by day look at how one of my current paintings is coming along

A preview of the Voids series I'm currently working on is also on the site for you to look at. I'll put more sneak peeks onto this page, as the series progresses.

Also, there's a page relating to my new venture, working with Tony Fletcher at Porthleven Stained Glass Studio, Cornwall, designing and making works of art in stained glass.

There is also a Paintings - Sequence page with a slide show, showing a lot of the paintings in the Facets series

There is a FORUM page, where you can join in the debate about art and music. And follow the S.B. Blog. Do join in.

On the Studio space and objects page, the photos of my studio give a little insight into my 'ordered chaos' workspace. I'll add more to these in the near future, and as projects progress.

I'm always aware that people want to know more about the artist's likes and dislikes.

So I've included the More bits about me pages. One about Art, and the artists,sculptors, living today, and in the History of Art, who I admire and respect.

Also, I listen to music a lot whilst I'm painting. So, on the Music page, I indulge myself and talk about the types of music groups, musicians and composers I listen to, during the long, lonely hours I paint. My Desert Island Disk page !

Photography / Places will in time show some background to where I am and what I'm doing. There's a link to my Flickr account on it.

On the upcoming Journal, News and Blog pages, I will try my best, time willing, to keep people informed and involved, in what I'm working on. 

By clicking on any of the highlighted links above, or below, it will take you straight to the web page mentioned.

Facets / Stephen Bradbury Shop

Facets Book

It's wonderful to see paintings on the wall of an exhibition in galleries, and I always come away with either, a book or catalogue, poster or print. I can't afford a Picasso painting, but I can usually manage a print or poster.

I believe art should be available to people, one way or another, so I've had some of my paintings printed in various forms for people to buy.

The Facets Book is also available to buy here.

Also, sets of prints are available. these are 21.5cm x 14cm / 8.5 ins x 5.5ins, and can be framed, (see picture, on left). I've divided the sets into three topics.

Facets/Facets Elements.    Facets / Women    Facets / Landscapes

The prints (shown left) are printed both sides, on card, colour one side, greyscale on the other. Measure 8.5 ins x 5.5 ins / 21.5 cm x 14cm.

There are also, notebooks/sketchbooks available, and the official Facets Poster. Other posters and reproductions will be available soon. Plus other merchandise, when available.

Other stuff, when available, will be for sale in the shop.

Payments are by Paypal.


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